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Analysis of Wind & Sun:- World Held to Ransom using Dubious Wind Turbines & Solar Panels:- Now we find the systems will never be able to produce the 'Power' they stated time to Seal the answer world-wide

These are the hidden Facts never seen or Discussed it's your taxes funding disaster after disaster?

01- H2O

Most Efficient Resource on Earth

Why wait for Wind or Sun to produce Electricity? We have water, both sea and fresh which can power Water Turbines or Archimedes Screws in sub-sea or on land managed lagoons that can generate power in a continuous stream, the Earth is covered Two Thirds by water, Yet global business don't want to let the world have the cheapest form of power available it is possible to refurbish the power ends of any wind turbine to be driven by WATER.


How many recycled power ends can be driven?

From experiments in the USA using Re-Cycled wind turbine power ends there is no limit on how many units can be rotated by Water Wheels. Needs a little construction but far, far less than installing a SINGLE wind turbine.!!

Wheel 1.jpg

Under-Slung or Pipe-Line

Multi Tidal Flow

So many off-shore wind farms, some collapsing into the sea, time for a new approach, use the support structures to mount 'under water turbine generators' free Tidal Power

After Steam?

Water, Water, Everywhere! 

Using Sea-Water as the drive for water-turbines it is also possible when the water flow leaves the Turbine it can be re-directed to a Desalination Plant to create water for Irrigation or for potable use. No need for DROUGHT, if oil can be pumped vast distances then so can water to irrigate land for agriculture. 


From Hero's wheel to Parsons Steam Turbines for World Power Stations and Ships, such a small idea and it  powered the world, no Wind Turbine or Solar Panel can hold a match to. Now idiots want to go back to the dark ages in an attempt to ignore natures world wide changes. We must help nature but not destroy mankind in the meantime, only Global Corporations made money, the rest of us have carried the Tax Bill for inefficiency and greed.

Two Useful Connections for the Environment

Scan_20211122 (2).jpg
On the left an eye opening book by Patrick Moore a Co-Founder of  Greenpeace & his realisation that big business had snaffled the organisation and it no longer represented the original concept.
On the right an interesting group of people who have realised the Green Revolution was a cover for Global Enterprise to make money from a "false claim" of Greening the World. 'stopthesethings' gets to the heart of the world wide rip-off of Taxpayers while wind-mills and solar panels were destroying the planet not saving it, worth checking out #
2022-04-12_11-43-17 (2)_edited.jpg

Scrap Windmill Support from an Off-Shore WIND FARM/ Can Now be recycled to utilise # Tidal Water Turbines to run almost 24 hours every day#

The Off-Shore Wind Farms are there lets now use sub-surface Water Turbines. All the off-shore infrastructure is in place lets use it and this reduces the installation of Sub-Sea Turbines to a minimum.
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