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Technical Info in PPT & PDF

Over many years Technology changes, however basic conditions of equipment have the same underlying problems and solutions are nearly always down to 'Failure Analysis' of the individual component and service conditions.

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Sales Training

Sales seems to be such an easy business to be in, short days, cars, meeting people, lunches paid for and weekends off every week. Certainly looks easy, but, until you are out there and going to your first appointment with a colleague to support you only then do you realise it is not as easy as you thought. No matter what you sell you must know the product and learn how to discover the clients NEEDS. The TLMMS system is the first step to finding the way into selling & a realisation it is a lot harder than you thought. No matter what the trade you must understand the reason you are in front of a client/customer, this first step goes through how and why you must begin to understand that a person who has the 'gab' is not necessarily a good sales person, this is a profession that has to be learned a step at a time while earning. This first Self-Help presentation takes you through first steps to success, if one section per week is learned then within 50 weeks earnings should have increased in relation to effort applied.

The Next Stage $$$ £££ **


From working on the shop floor to improve my & my families life and living conditions how do I begin? Almost anyone can become a sales person but, how to be successful without spending a fortune to learn how!

From the Beginning


Many people want to become sales people and wonder how to begin, it looks quite easy but the pitfalls are many. This is a beginners course that is in pdf form and goes through from the want to the first days in sales. 


Be Confident in Yourself

Once knowledge is absorbed it is time to put it into practice, now is the time to apply what has been learned.



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