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ABOUT MarSealSer

Involved in heavy engineering for over 50 years including Power Stations, Marine Engineering, Seminars for all Engineering groups from small plant to refineries to chemical plant and training engineers in Fluid Sealing Technology from USA to Scandinavia, Europe & UK.  Involved with 2 Stroke Crosshead Diesel engines and Patented Barrier Seal Systems for preventing cross contamination through Piston Rod Stuffing Boxes which are  the Achilles Heel of the engine. Now an opportunity to become the owner of Patented Barrier Seal System as part of a retirement sale!! just in Marine there are some 240,000 rods waiting for Barrier Seals, more so now with the type of fuels that must be burned?


Seal Failure Analysis helps to increase seal life and increase  unit efficiency & define if the correct type of Mechanical Seal is in use.

Packed pumps are a thing of the past, however with die-formed Pure Graphite it is possible to have a packed pump that does not have to leak to work.

Two Stroke Diesel Engines have their own sealing problems on the Piston Rods, here again use of pure Graphite within the seal design allows Piston Rod Lubrication.

Marble Surface

 alpha 2~Series 2 was designed to overcome the problem of the failure of 2Stroke Stuffing Box's inability to seal the piston rod properly, most piston rod wear was due to abrasives trapped in the upper space of the box causing wear @ Top Dead Centre & Btm DC, even hardened piston rods would wear with the effects of Oxides/ Catalytic fines etc. 

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